Saturday, June 12, 2010

Luggage revamp!

So. Here I am, Saturday afternoon and I have to leave on my "trip" on Monday. Its raining and I don't want to go shopping for luggage. I had the most adorable matching set of pink luggage that we bought when we went to South Africa 3 years ago, but in the grand tradition of dirty cargo space in the bottom of our 3 planes- when I got home the luggage was BLACK! I was so sad! Since then, I have just used my husbands really nice, sturdy luggage he was given from a company he used to work for. I love the luggage, I HATE the branding on the front.
So this was my husbands suggestion to me today. "Just cover it up with some of your flower thingies."
Thank you Jason! Problem solved!


  1. You tell Jason that I luv his idea...the flowers look outstanding! Hope you have a wonderful trip:)


  2. Found your website through someone who was doing a blog hop called Friendly Friday - love the stuff you've done and am following!!
    Krystal @