Thursday, May 13, 2010

Link Party Friday!

We are having a party...and YOU are invited! Every Friday, the Funambulist Damsel is having a link party! Its very simple and a BLAST to follow! Just click the "click here to enter" button, add your link, upload a picture and you're done! You can post from your Facebook, personal Blog, or website. We want to see all of the fun things you do- cooking, cleaning, photography, tips, good name it!  Every person that reads the Funambulist Damsel will get to see your creativity at work! I hope you will join our link party and enjoy the time you spend with us!


  1. Thanks for hosting! I'm totally trying some combination of chocolate for that 8 minute cake - I haven't bought frosting in foreva so I'm sure I'll be stymied once I get to the grocery store!

  2. Okay, so my link is to my recipe blog that I used to keep up...I couldn't believe that it has been over 2 years since I made the original blog post. Goodness, after having a baby I think my life is very "unbalanced" - Maybe I'll have to make this bread next week...after May 17th. Thanks for being an inspiration, Amy!

  3. I love the balls. I am going to make them this week!