Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cherry Blossoms!

About 8 years ago, I was the artistic director (a.k.a, arts & craft junkie) for an after school program at an elementary school. This craft was and still is, one of my FAVORITE spring time ideas. I love the fun colors, bringing outside in (without having to worry about killing any plant life) and the simplicity of the craft. The little guys even helped, making a couple of the blossoms themselves.

NEEDS: about 10-15 sticks in various sizes. Tissue paper in pink or white & green, tacky craft glue.
Cut the squares into 1 inch pieces and the green into half inch pieces. You dont' have to be exact...thankfully.
Twist the tissue paper- green on the outside, on the dull end of a pencil. Smush it tell it looks like an adorable little cherry blossum bud. Dip the green tip into your craft glue and stick it to the stick.
Repeat with as many little blossoms until you're stick looks pretty. Once you have covered all the sticks, you have this....

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