Tuesday, April 13, 2010

temple + photoshop = fun.

Raw image. ehh. pretty cause its the temple.
Edit # 1. Sunset and Pop
Edit #2. Moody
Edit #3. Black & White
Edit #4 Dark and Still

Which one is your favorite? Wanna have it!? Leave a comment, become a follower and vote for your favorite. I will randomly select a comment and 1 lucky follower and you will get the coolest email ever with the picture attached for your printing pleasure! I guess the "contest" will end when I feel like I have enough to choose from. Maybe all 2 of you will win!?
*DISCLAIMER* I'm not a photographer, a pioneer woman, or someone who knows what they're doing. I simply take a picture. Play in photoshop till I like what it looks like and you can enjoy the fruits of the labor if you want to. HEE!


  1. I love them all...but if I had to pick I would say #1 is my favorite.
    Here's to hoping the random generator picks comment #1! :-)

  2. I like em all! :) I downloaded PhotoShop the other day and got so frustrated... i need lessons I think! FUN blog!

  3. I love them all too! I like #3 or #4 the best! I've been looking for a cool pic of the temple. Can I buy a print from you??? :)

  4. I love #2 & #4. These pictures are so nice!

  5. I love Sunset and Pop!!! I'd love to have a copy, because that's where Dane and I were sealed!

  6. Nice job Amy. I love the Sunset and Pop one. But they are all very nice.

  7. love them all! but the moody is my fav :)