Friday, April 16, 2010

Necklace makeover

A long, long time ago I purchased a cute necklace at a yard sale for $.10. It traveled with me to the beautiful island of Hawaii and I wore it once. It had the feel of the tropics and looked great with my hibiscus print dress. I would recommend wearing this to a luau, but probably not anywhere else.  That poor necklace has been hidden in the shadows of my jewelry box for quite some time.
But no longer...

NEEDS: Old necklace with no purpose. Double the length in a fun fabric and have enough to wrap around the necklace twice. Some thread that matches the fabric.

Begin by rolling the necklace into the fabric and pin it to hold it in place. Start wrapping thread around each ball, starting at the middle and working out. Tie double knots to ensure durability. Continue alternating from one side of the center to the other until the necklace is finished. I think it's pretty cute. It kinda has a Wilma Flinstone vibe... I think it would be adorable paired with a silk flower just like this one.  

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  1. Amy, I'm such a follower. I just found you (thanks to facebook) and I love it! You're so creative and crafty and smart!