Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Garden cupcakes

This is how mine grows!
Are you ready for this insane cupcake tutorial...
And Happy Birthday to Nicole Revill, I made these for her!

Ready or not...here it comes.

NEEDS: (short list)
Cupcakes- duh.
1 tub of vanilla frosting (avoid whipped)
1 tub of chocolate frosting
2 cups of cookie crumbs or smashed chocolate sprinkles
1 cup of cornflakes ( I used special K)
Green & white airheads
Large bag of starbursts (you need the red & orange)
Medium bag of M & M's (you need the green ones *wink*)
1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon

Here we go. Start off my cooling your cupcakes, frosting them with chocolate frosting and then roll the tops in smashed cookies. Set them aside, let your inner candy artist come to life!
I started with the "lettuce cupcakes" begin by taking 1/2 cup of vanilla frosting and heat it in the microwave for 5 seconds, 2 times, stirring in between. Add green food coloring. Mix in the cereal and coat each flake well. Once they are coated, spread them out on a plate lined with wax paper. Set them in the frige for about 10 mintues to set up.
Take 4 of your frosted cupcakes and place 1 green M&M in the center of the cupcake. You will work from the inside out, forming almost a rose like pattern around the candy. Stick the coated cereal into the cupcake frosting until you have made the head of lettuce. Repeat 4 times. Save the remaining lettuce leaves for the rest of the project.                   Pretty much the cutest thing ever.
I then began the carrots...oh my heck...painfully easy and SO cute. Take the Starburst and split it into 2 even pieces. The small pieces will make the baby carrots. Roll in your fingers until you like the shape. The large carrots are made with one full Starburst. Do the same, mold the shape. Then- take a toothpick and make indents on the candy- I made a few fun holes too. Once you have the wrinkles in your carrot, roll it in the ground cinnamon! It gives it that fresh out of the dirt look. Take one of your coated cereal pieces and add it to the top to make the carrot greens.    Pretty much the cutest thing ever.
The Radish is next! Start by taking the red Starburst, one full piece, roll it around till it forms a radish looking ball (hah, thats funny. Rad-ish looking..okay, focus Amy.) Then once it is formed, dip the skinny end into a little bit of vanilla frosting. Add another lettuce leaf and you're done! So easy! The potato was something I came up with- roll the white airhead into a little potato shape and repeat the "dirting technique" that was done on the carrot. Indent and roll in cinnamon. Pretty much the cutest thing ever.
(I know the proportions are totally off. who cares. its a vegetable on a cupcake)
LAST but certainly not least- the PEAS!
Cut the green Airheads into a oval shape, enough for 4 M&M's. I found that the M's weren't sticking to the airhead, so I ran my finger under some water and then along the edge that I was sticking the M's to. It worked like a charm and they stayed in place. Then fold the oval over, mush the ends together and you have...pretty much the cutest thing ever.
Once you have all of your vegetables created, start putting them on the cupcakes! Again, I ran into trouble getting them to stick to the crushed cookies/sprinkles, so I used a little chocolate frosting "glue" and they stuck on great. Last step was making the cute garden marker signs. Necessary? No. Cute? Yes.
Like the cupcakes?? Want to know where the inspiration came from??
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  1. I'm loving your blog... it's a perfect forum for all that "Amy Wisdom"! Love the cupcakes...so fun!

  2. I stumbled unto your blog this morning. Oh my gosh! You are super talented, and I love all your ideas. I hope you keep blogging in the future. I love it all. I can't to try out some of your ideas!