Tuesday, April 13, 2010

swimsuit revamp

A few weeks ago, the Ring Leader and I headed to sunny Boca Raton, Florida. In my efforts to plan for the trip something amazing happened!  Much to my suprise my swimming suit from last year- didn't fit.
I blame it on Christmas.
So I headed to my nearest Wal-mart (out of pure laziness, really) and grabbed the first suit that looked promising. Not to mention it was only $39.00. whoo.

Of course I didn't try it on, because of the 45 minutes prior and the fun experience I had squeezing into another black spandex mess- so I paid for it and headed home. When I did actually try it on, I was again ticked off at the lack of coverage on the bust area. SO! The damsel in me headed to Joann's and grabbed some white lycra. Another 45 mintues and finally...

I did a basic gather stitch on my machine, secured it the the v-neck top and then adorned it with a rosette made from lycra and a big ol' rhinestone. I felt comortable (okay as comfortable in a swimsuit as one can be) and even managed to get a tiny, teensie, little, itty bit of sun in Florida. So, lesson to this- when in distress, add a bust ruffle.


  1. Very cute! I may have to do something to my suit for cuteness, not necessarily coverage! :)

  2. Great Idea! I'm a new follower from TTA. Check out my blog at http://thetwentyfours.blogspot.com

  3. Cute addition! I love your creativity.