Friday, April 30, 2010

chicken dinner cupcakes

Gravy anyone?
Caramel syrup better yet.

Runts (for the peas)
Starbursts (yellow for the corn & butter, orange for the carrots)
Caramel ice cream topping
2 tubs of vanilla frosting
2 cups of cornflakes, crumbled
Lg. marshmallows
White airheads for the bones

These cupcakes are hilariously delicious! Nothing like saying "I'll bring dessert...ya know- potatoes & gravy, vegtables and chicken!" They definately don't disappoint. I started with the peas and carrots. Frost your cupcake with a green frosting, then cover with runts and 2 quarter cut starbursts. Easy, right?
Next up- the corn. Cut up starburst into little bits, shape them into kernal shape and press on to a yellow frosted cupcake. My two year-old was begging to eat these yummy looking veggies.
Next on the menu- FRIED CHICKEN!
Begin by putting 2 cups of corn flakes in a food processor, until roughly chopped. Take one cupcake, put a good size dot of frosting in the middle, to hold your marshmallow in place. I used a toothpick as well to secure it. Then frost the cupcake, beginning at the base and then in around the mallow. It doesn't need to look pretty- you'll then coat it in the cornflakes.
Once they are coated, set them aside in the refrigerator until you are about ready to serve. It will help the frosting set up and not slide.  The bone is made by cutting the airheads in half, and molding the top into a heart shape. Then cut a slit in the top of the marshmallow and carefully place it in. Lastly- my personal favorite- the potatoes & gravy.
Easy as can be- just frost, make a good size hole in the middle, fill it with syrup and put a nice slice of starburst on the top. These were the tastiest little salt and pepper needed! I purchased an inexpensive foil muffin tin to serve up these yummy creations. They were a hit and perfect for any occasion!  

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  1. those are just wrong.... LOL..I wish I did not want to RUN home now and make them. Love the idea, really great!

  2. Oh my how funny and completely adorable are those!!! :) Im so gonna have to make these... would make a fun april fools "dinner"! :)