Wednesday, April 14, 2010

moldy toys. no thank you.

A few years ago I started compiling a 3 ring binder of projects I found interesting in my Parents, Family Circle & Cosmopolitan magazines. Since the hatching of the blog, I have dusted it off and started feeling inspired. This project couldn't have come to life at a better time. We are going to remodel one of the bathrooms and this fits perfectly with my plan to de-clutter and make things FRESH!

Does this look familiar?
The bath tub toy basket I bought when child #1 was born. It's gross. I clorox the heck out of this sucker and it still looks nasty on the bottom. Toys never get dry enough for my liking.

$2.97 for the "lingerie bag" $1.87 for the hooks & $1.97 for the ribbon.
I pinned one side, then the other. And then pinned the ribbon down to the a mostly straight line. The bag only came with one loopy-hook so I cut it off and added my own with brown ribbon. Pretty easy.  The finished product?
And get this...the clowns were right behind me, climbed into the tub and voluntarily put all the toys in the "basket." Now the toys can dran, air dry and take a snooze in this bath time hammock.

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  1. Oh, and I couldn't use suction cups, bc our shower is stone, but I hung it on the hooks on our shower caddy and it works great!