Monday, April 19, 2010

mod podge and styrofoam.

This is the tray that sits under the t.v. It used to be filled with a variety of decor balls, but as children develop their throwing skills- the amount has dwindled. I keep looking for the perfect addition, but just haven't put my finger on what I wanted. Until today!
NEEDS: Mod podge, sponge brush, styrofoam balls in desired size, fabric and a well ventilated me.

Begin by coating the ball in mod podge and allow it to dry. Fabric doesn't stick well to styrofoam. :D Then cut the fabric into the size that best fits the surface. Then cover it completely with fabric & mod podge. Overlap the pieces of fabric until the entire ball is covered. I then tied a ribbon around the center as an accent and then with some twine to tie it in.
Ahhh. Much better.

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